Playful Family Session at Mint Museum | Charlotte, NC


Playful Family Session at Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC

April 6, 2023

Family pictures don’t always have to feel stiff or boring. In fact, having a fun and playful family session is a great way to capture emotion and the bond between you and your loved ones. Encouraging play during pictures is the perfect way to get your shy kiddos to open up and help the spirited kids get those wiggles out! Below are some tips for creating a fun environment for a playful family session.

01. Choose a fun or meaningful location

Choose a location that is fun, special, or interesting for your family. It can be a park, beach, or even a favorite spot in your own home like your backyard. Make sure the location offers plenty of chances for activities, exploration, and play.

02. Play games

Playing games during the session can be a fun way to capture playful moments. Consider playing games such as tag, hide and seek, or tickle fights.

03. Wear comfortable clothes

Make sure everyone wears comfortable clothes they feel good in. Avoid clothes that are itchy or too tight. This will help everyone feel more relaxed and confident during the session. This is especially important for kids and will ensure they don’t spend the entire session tugging on their clothes.

04. Don’t be afraid to take breaks

Seriously, take a breather. Sit, relax, chat with each other, and let the kids have a snack. I’ll keep shooting and I can guarantee you’ll be surprised by how much you’ll love these simple moments captured!

If you’d like to schedule a fun family session, reach out here!


Photographing families was something I never saw myself doing, but a career I’m so grateful I stumbled into. Let me show other you the beauty that can be found in the untamed, ordinary moments of your every day.

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