Sunrise Family Session | Huntersville, NC


Sunrise family session at Latta Nature Preserve.

October 8, 2023

Benefits of a Sunrise Session

Sharing this sunrise family session taken at Latta Nature Preserve. When a client inquires about a sunrise session, I often compare its lighting to evening golden hour, but with softer light, colors, and skin tones. It has a hazy, ethereal quality that I love so much! But what are the real benefits of choosing a sunrise session?

Golden Hour Light

Most of the time when you want family photos taken, you think of that beautiful, sun drenched lighting that golden hour is so famous for. Oftentimes, to get that type of lighting you have to be willing to stay up later in the evening (at least during the summer hours) and you run into the possibility of dealing with grumpy, sleepy kids if it’s cutting it too close to their bedtime. This probably isn’t an issue if you have older kids, but for those of us who are still living by that 7 o’clock bedtime, evening photos can be a risky choice. If you choose a sunrise session, you still get that hazy, golden hour, but after pictures are over, you still have the whole day to yourself! I understand getting everyone dressed, fed, and out the door on time seems too much of a hassle, but let’s be honest; if you have young kids you’re probably already up well before dawn.

Serene Atmosphere

The early morning hours are often quieter and more peaceful, creating a serene atmosphere for the family. This tranquility can help family members feel more relaxed and natural in front of the camera. It’s also the time of day that kids feel their best and a calm environment can go a long way to calming the fiestiest of toddlers.

Less Crowded Locations

Popular outdoor locations tend to be less crowded in the early morning, allowing for more freedom and flexibility in choosing backgrounds. This can result in more intimate and personal photos without distractions. I once shot a sunrise session outside a popular Charlotte restaurant and we had the whole place to ourselves! I ended up getting some beautiful, Charleston-esque style photos that I love!

Comfortable Temps

Depending on the season, mornings can be much cooler than later in the day, making it more comfortable for both the family and the photographer. This can be beneficial during summer months–especially North Carolina’s hot summers! Instead of sweating it out and risking heat exposure in the evenings, opt for a sunrise family session for your next photography outing.

In All Honesty…

In all honesty, I love shooting at all times of the day (except for 12pm-2pm–we should all be napping during those times) and have experience with different types of environments, weather, and lighting. No matter what time of day you choose for your family session, we’ll capture some great moments and you’ll have beautiful photographs to look back on for years to come!

Here’s another family session at Latta Nature Preserve!



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